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What Brokers Are Saying

"As a relatively experienced realtor, I didn't always need Brian but when I did his calm guidance and superior strategy always proved to be extremely helpful.  He is a pleasure to work with, and brings positive energy to the office every single day.  He has a way of understanding situations and thinking through to a positive outcome. He always has solid marketing ideas!"

Pam O'Donnell, $10M Producer for 8 Years 

"I knew Brian and his wife Jenny from living in the same neighborhood.  As my kids got older, Brian convinced me to get into real estate in 2017.

He was always available to me, and with his support, motivation, and encouragement has helped me get to this level of success very quickly. 

Brian has so much experience and has seen and done so much, he can help in so many situations, especially with high end clients. He would always tell me to trust and own my system, I did and I am thankful he was there to guide me. Coach with him, you will see a difference.  I am missing him in San Diego big time!!"

Michelle Ozanne, $19M Closed in Sales in 2019

"Brian brought a sense of credibility and expertise to everything he spoke to, especially in the luxury market. When he and I spoke regarding a potential listing appointment I might have on a 8 million dollar home, he immediately brought in the entire marketing team with he and I and we spent hours prepping for this appointment. He even went on the listing appointment with me! This was not a strong referral, and it was apparent early in the appointment that the seller was going with another agent.

Brian spoke to his experiences in the luxury market and engaged the seller with many questions and answered all his marketing concerns. We got the appointment and sold the home in 30 days!!
Brian coached me and my team bi-weekly and was especially helpful in guiding us to hold successful client appreciation events. Brian always is thinking outside the box.

Brian was a great coach, owner, and friend."

Kelly Kohler, $20M in Production in 2018, $18M in 2019


I look forward to meeting great agents like you as I help our agents and brand grow throughout Oregon and SW Washington!

I have been fortunate to sell, manage, oversee, and own offices in areas such as the Carribean, Cabo San Lucas, Indian Wells , and San Diego over the last 38 years.

I entered the Real Estate industry in my mid-twenties and have sold hundreds of millions in real estate. I am a certified trainer with Brian Buffini, have coached hundreds of agents, and was the co-owner of the fastest growing real estate brokerage in the state of California in 2015 and the 5th largest in San Diego.

I look forward to meeting and working with you!